Scotch broom


Scientific name: Cytisus scoparius

Common names: Scotch broom

Description: Scotch broom was brought to the Pacific Northwest as an ornamental and to control soil erosion. It is a woody perennial growing up to 12 feet tall with yellow, pea-like flowers and small, oval-shaped leaves. Scotch broom can grow in a wide range of habitat conditions from dry, sunny sites to full shade.

Impact: Scotch broom is able to displace native vegetation in a wide variety of habitats, and is particularly damaging in sensitive grasslands and prairies. It can also establish dense stands in pastures, significantly decreasing available forage due to its toxicity for livestock. Scotch broom is very difficult to eradicate from sites because of its prodigious seed production and the ability of seeds to remain viable for up to 60 years.


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