False Indigo

False Indigo

Scientific name: Amorpha fruticosa

Common names: False indigo, indigo bush,

Description: False indigo is a vigorous shrub that can form dense thickets up to 12 feet high. It thrives in moist areas such as along streambanks, and has been used as a soil stabilizer and wildlife plant. It has compound leaves, with 9-31 leaflets, and showy, lavender flower spikes.

Impact: This invasive plant can rapidly colonize and dominate riparian zones and streambanks. It is especially prolific in areas of natural willow dominance, where its presence can have an impact on willow dependent wildlife. It reproduces through its buoyant seeds that readily travel along waterways. If you spot false indigo, please contact our office at 503-325-4571.

Source: Oregon.gov

For more information, please check out this resource from Oregon.gov: https://www.oregon.gov/ODA/shared/Documents/Publications/Weeds/PlantPestRiskAssessmentIndigoBush2010.pdf