Yellow Archangel

Yellow Archangel

Scientific name: Lamiastrum galeobdolon

Common names: Yellow archangel, yellow Lamium

Description: Yellow archangel is a popular ornamental ground cover that can escape and thrive in both disturbed and natural areas. It is distinguishable by its square stems, silvery-grey variegated leaves, tubular yellow flowers, and hairy, toothed leaves. It is able to reproduce by seed and by rooting from the nodes of severed stems. Yellow archangel is able to grow in a wide diversity of habitat types and can tolerate deep shade as well as drought conditions.

Impact: The spreading, aggressive habit of yellow archangel, as well as its tolerance of shade, allows it to outcompete native understory plants. A forest understory dominated by this plant provides poor habitat for native wildlife that rely on adequate shelter and food sources. Yellow archangel often becomes a problem when it escapes from intentional plantings or is deposited in areas with other yard clippings. Clatsop SWCD is actively treating infestations of yellow archangel, therefore if you come across escaped populations, please contact our office at 503-325-4571.


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