Scientific name: Nardus stricta

Common names: Matgrass, moor matgrass, nard grass

Description: Matgrass has recently been identified in Clatsop County and is a priority for eradication. It is a long-lived tufted bunchgrass that has bluish-green leaves and unbranched flower stems. It is found in moist areas near wetlands and can be difficult to identify when present in pastures of other grasses.

Impact: Matgrass exhibits low palatability for livestock, therefore when other grass species are intensively grazed it gains a competitive advantage. If it is allowed to set seed, infestations can persist for decades. Furthermore, it is difficult to pull up due to its rooting capability. Clatsop SWCD is actively treating matgrass infestations, therefore if you come across a population, please contact our office at 503-325-4571.


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