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Scotch Broom

Scotch broom is in full bloom throughout the county, which gets people thinking, “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?” Scotch broom is on the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture’s noxious weed “B” list. This means that it is regionally abundant and a statewide management plan is not feasible. Basically, it is not a priority for control in our area. If you would like to tackle scotch broom yourself, there are several options. Click on the following links to find out more.


June Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter

Native Pollinator Seed Mix Available $10/packet

We have native pollinator seed mix packets available for $10. Each packet contains enough seed mix to cover a 100 square foot area. Swing by our office Monday-Friday 9am-3pm with check or cash(exact change only). The seed mix contains the following:

Annual Wildflowers 34%

Douglas Meadowfoam (Limnanthes douglasii), Large Flower Collomia (Collomia grandiflora), Globe Gilia (Gilia capitata), Farewell to Spring (Clarkia amoena), Wine Cup Clarkia (Clarkia purpurea), Diamond Clarkia (Clarkia rhomboidea), Sea Blush (Plectritis congesta)

Perennial Wildflowers 35%

Springbank Clover (Trifolium wormskioldii), Douglas aster (Symphyotrichum subspicatum), Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris), Western Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), Large Camas (Camassia leichtinii), Puget Sound Gumweed (Grindelia integrifolia), Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis), Riverbank Lupine (Lupinus rivularis), Rose Checkermallow (Sidalcea virgata), Common Camas (Camassia quamash), Bigleaf Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus), Meadow Checkermallow (Sidalcea campestris), Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)

Grasses 31%

Prairie Junegrass (Koeleria macrantha), Blue Wild Rye (Elymus glaucus), Roemer’s Fescue (Festuca romerii), California Oatgrass (Danthonia californica), California Brome (Bromus carinatus), Tufted Hairgrass (Deschampsia ceaspitosa), Meadow Barley (Horedum brachyantherum)

Japanese Knotweed Control

Due to staffing changes, we are unable to treat knotweed this season. Click on the file for information on how to treat it yourself. Also, fill out and mail in the Landowner Permission form to get on the list for knotweed treatment next summer.  Permission to Access Private Land blank 2017 Knotweed Information

Agricultural Water Quality Seminar

Here are the presentations from the March 16 seminar in case you were unable to attend.


Clatsop SWCD Presentation_FINAL Clatsop Seminar Presentation 2018 [Autosaved] [Autosaved] WQ workshop (003) Powerpoint ODFW’s Riparian Lands Tax Incentive Program_Clatsop SWCD 3_16_18

NORP Potting Party!

Please volunteer at the Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership potting party. They need help meeting their goal of potting all bare-root plants before April. Volunteering helps organizations like Clatsop SWCD obtain low cost shrubs and seedlings for restoration. Potting Parties are from 9:30-3:30 on the following dates:

Friday, February 16th

Thursday, February 22nd

Friday, March 2nd

Thursday, March 8th

Thursday, March 22nd

Friday, March 30th

A couple things to keep in mind…

Although we are undercover for the most part, there are tasks that have to be completed outside, so please bring/wear raingear!  We will be working in an unheated space, so please wear many warm layers.  Some volunteers like to wear a couple pairs of gardening gloves; a lighter pair of latex gloves with a heavier pair nursery gloves over them.  Also, Please bring water.  Pizza and other refreshments will be provided.

The event runs from 930am to 330pm, please show up between that time frame.

The address to the event is
6820 Barrack Circle, Tillamook OR 97141

Registration is accessed by this link: Invite your friends, your volunteers, your coworkers, your board of directors, your hamster….