Noxious Weed Control 2017

We are working with a variety of private, state, and industrial landowners to implement noxious weed control of target species on a regional scale. Noxious weeds targeted for treatment are determined by local input through our Cooperative Weed Management Area partners, local landowners, prioritized by the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed list, and by funding availability.

Weeds for Target Treatment include:
Knotweed Complex
Purple Loostrife
Yellow Flag-iris
Giant Hogweed
Yellow Archangel

Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) Priority Weeds:

False Indigo
Lesser Celandine
Old Man’s Beard (clematis vitalba)

Our program is voluntary, but all landowners must fill out a Landowner Permission Form to participate in our services.
If you are concerned about a potential aggressive noxious weed on your property please do not hesitate to call, send us photos via email, or stop by the office.