Grant Funded Projects

Lewis and Clark River Riparian Planting Project

CSWCD is partnering with a local landowner in 2017 to plant riparian areas along the Lewis and Clark River. Fencing at a set back of 40′-50′ from the river will allow the native plants to establish and grow without grazing pressure. The planting will help stabilize eroding river banks and filter runoff from pasture operations. The project will lead to better water quality and habitat along the Lewis and Clark.


Eroded banks along the Lewis and Clark that will be stabilized by native riparian plants

Manure Storage Construction

Construction has begun on the Peterson Lane Manure Storage building. Adequate manure storage facilities help prevent sediment, nutrient, and bacterial pathogen runoff into local waterways. This project is located in the Lewis and Clark River watershed, therefore it will contribute to improved water quality for this important county water resource.

Peterson Ln Manure storage bldg

Peterson Slough Heavy Use Area

Gutters are being installed and hoof grid is on its way for the Peterson Slough Heavy Use Area.

If you are a local landowner who is interested in partnering with CSWCD on a project, please contact our office.